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1,Close security software:Close security software in the PC to prevent erroneously deletion after Spirit downloaded.
2,Download Traffic Spirit:ClickButton,download ipts to the PC.
3,Extract Traffic Spirit:Extract Spirit to file folder,Unzip Password: ipts123,If not decompression software installed,pls download it.
4,Add in the trusted list:Add the software directory to the security software trust list.
5,Run ipts:Double-click ipts.exe to run the software.
Software traffic

Traffic Spirit is Software traffic dedicated to users who have a website and wish to increase their ranking by Google. For this one of the simplest solutions (so to speak) is to increase the number of page views and unique visitors. In theory, page views increase each time a user browses your site. In practice, the user can be a real person or a computer robot (also called a bot). ipts is a bot generator.

ipts offers you to run a large number of bots on your website in order to increase the number of page views and visitors. In order for the bots to be identified as independent users of each other, ipts uses the computer network of its users. So, as long as ipts is open on your machine, it is used to generate bots with your IP address for other users, and vice versa.

Developed by the Chinese from Spiritsoft, ipts is completely free Software traffic. Note that its continuous activity of visiting websites in the background may tend to cause it to be detected as malware by your antivirus software. You can download ipts for your Windows computer (from XP to 11).

Software traffic.

Once ipts is installed, all you need to do is tell it which page(s) you want the bots to visit. It is possible to indicate the number of desired visits per day as well as the time that the bot must spend on your site on each visit (to simulate a normal user). Note that you can add up to 10 different URLs for your robots to visit.

Finally, note that ipts is only available in English. This means that most users are located in English-speaking countries, so there is little chance that the bots generated by ipts have IPs located in France.