How to setup and stream IPTV on an Android Phone or Tablet step by step tutorial

As an Android user, you get to enjoy the privilege to stream IPTV the way you like especially since Android is currently the most supported operating system by IPTV players.

The only downside is the confusion of which app you should use since there are many IPTV players to choose from, but you should be aware that choosing the correct IPTV player is the last requirement when streaming IPTV on your Android phone. 

What Are the Requirements to watch IPTV on An android phone

You now have a phone and access to the internet, the only things left are. 

1- Getting an IPTV subscription: You can skip this part if you already got an IPTV subscription but you should be aware that choosing a reliable provider is the most important part when streaming IPTV. 

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 Gigabit bit internet speed, or the best Android phone out there, without choosing the best IPTV provider for your needs your experience can get frustrating very fast especially since there are many scammers out there that will take your money give you a working line for a short period of time just to disappear without any notice leaving you with a not working line or at best a one that buffers all the day. 

Doing proper research is the step that you need to pay most attention to when subscribing to a new IPTV service provider, I use on my tutorials but there are many great providers out there, you can check my guide on how to choose the best IPTV provider in 2023. 

2- Getting a VPN subscription: The VPN has become a must having tool espeically when streaming IPTV since your ISP can throttle your connection. 

There are many VPN services out there but not all of them will work the same with IPTV, I recommend ExpressVPN since I have tested many VPN services before and it provide to provide the best encryption and speed, you can get it from the link below if you like to give it a try:

3- Donwloading an IPTV Player: the IPTV player is the app that you will be streaming the channels on, while your provider will give you access to the streams the APP is what will display these channels on your device and give you options to custimize your expereince like adding certzain channels to the favorite section, editing the playlist and more. 

What Are the best IPTV players for Android phones and Tablets

Since Android give you the option to downlaod most players, it can be tricky to choose the APP that works best for you, in the next section you will find all the Android IPTV players that I covered in this blog as well as links to setup toturials for each APP.