A Full Guide to Setup IPTV on Your iPhone and iPad ( IOS )

While Android has more options ( IPTV players ) to choose from IOS has unique apps that are available only on their operating system.

IPTV players such as IPTVX which come with many great features are currently available only on the IOS ecosystem which is considered to be an advantage in many ways.

Under “Select a player” you will find the name of many popular IPTV players that we have covered on this blog you can click on the name of the player to go to the tutorial which comes with many screenshots to make it easier for you to follow along.

You will find the Setup guides on the left side bard if you’re visiting from your laptop and the same list is also available below if you’re reading now from your phone.

Follow along with the tutorials, and feel free to contact us on our official subreddit if you have any questions or need help.